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We’re doing two shows in California next week!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Steve Allen Theater

7 PM to 8 PM Cocktail Hour

8 PM to 9:30 PM Variety Show


Tickets available at the door or at:

4773 Hollywood Blvd
(323) 666-4268


Friday, November 14, 2008

The Purple Onion

8 PM


Tickets available at the door or via:

140 Columbus Avenue

(415) 956-1653

So many kind words have come in since last Thursday’s Book Release Party

Here are a few of the emails we’ve received from the folks in the book regarding the party and talent showcase:

Dear Doug and Patrick,

Thank you for a wonderful night! what a sensational experience. You both made it comfortable and fantastic. The book is amazing. I am very proud to be a part of it and of your Holy Headshot adventure. You are two very special people and it is wonderful to be associated with you.

I enclose a link to a UTube video that Jill made this morning from last night’s performance. Not sure if you want it on the Holy Headshot website, but if it works for you, that’d be great.

Good luck with the West Coast promotion and performances. If New York is any indication, it will be absolutely amazing.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.



Thanks for everything that you, Doug and Patrick, have done.

Brian Costello


Guys: Thank you once more for last night!!! I really appreciated the opportunity. Actually, I can’t believe I’m even awake right now; let alone online, being I fell off the wagon last night (but that’s a whole looong story). Anyways, just wanted to say thanks again, and I REALLY REALLY hope to work with you guys again!!!!!!



HI Patrick and Doug,

It was so great meeting you last night. The event was so much fun. I had a BLAST!!!! The book came out great, thanks for the opportunity,

Susyn Timko


Doug and Patrick,

It was so much fun for us as performers and my friends who came had a blast too!


– Melisa


Glad to hear all went well at the book release! And I agree with Skippy; when you first approached me way back when I too wondered what this was all about and if it would ever happen. But you did it and brought this baby to fruition!! I give you kudos and a standing ovation




Thank you guys for selecting my photo for the book I really enjoyed myself and looking forward to more in the future my life will never be the same

And I owe it all to you, Roses to each of you!

Sabrina M.


Good morning Doug and Patrick!!!

Hats off to you both!!! That was one of the most professionally done events I ever attended!!! Last night was warm, passionate, bonding, beautiful, unpretensious, and extremely classy! I’m going to put it in your mind again! You have a fantastic off broadway show there!

And the both of you were the most adorable of all!!!


Thanks again!!!

Your Renee “Philly” Fishman


Hey Guys,

There once was a man from nantucket … nope that’s not right, Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a book called Holy Headshot!!!! or something to that effect, Doug, Patrick I had a blast last night thanks for putting me in the book. Also to Cindy Stauffer, Cyclone, James Goff, Mike Marino, Priest, Katherine Dickson, Ray Seiden, Sybil, Skippy, Ray Normandeau, Yenz Von Tilborg, Brian Costello, Sean Bennett, Shayna, Renee Fishman, Maryellen, Conroy, T. Boomer Tibbs, Jeffery Zawada, Susyn Timko, Leeny Del Seamonds, Jamil O. Ellis, Melisa Breiner-Sanders, Rita Frazier, Linda Leven, Frank Garr, Loudovikos Hertz, and anyone I may have met but didn’t realize it The pleasure was all my and I wish you all the very best, maybe someday we’ll met again and I love you all, but I think I’ll miss you the most of all “Scarecrow” … somewhere over the rainbow … peace

R.W. page 42


Doug and Patrick,

Had a blast at the party last Thursday, laughed alot and met some great people in the project. Looking forward to going to more events to promote ‘Holy Headshot!’ Thanks for putting me in the book – Roberto Lombardi

Thanx for a job well done. Last nights party , & showcase was most enjoyable. Everyone brought something different to the table. There was so much talent in the room you could breath in the energy. It was my pleasure to meet everyone there. PRIEST keep up the amazing work. MIKE MARINO

NY & Philadelphia were a huge success!

NYC photos by: Eric Harvey Brown

Philadelphia photo (first photo) by: Megan Curran

New Holy Headshot! Video: Melisa Breiner-Sanders

Hey everyone. We’re just a week away from the big book release, which takes place on October 23rd at Comix (check out this link for more details:

Also, I just posted a new video featuring the charming NYC actress Melisa Breiner-Sanders. Enjoy

Book Release Party and Talent Showcase

Hey everyone,

We finally have a date (and an amazing place) for our book release party and talent showcase. It’s open to the public and we even got the venue to reduce ticket prices. I can’t wait for this party. Why? Well, we have 103 actors and almost as many photographers in the book and I’d guess that about half of them are going to be at the book party. So, not only will we (and you) get to meet them but we’ll get to WATCH THEM PERFORM IN THE SHOW. We’ve been talking to some of these people for almost two years now so to finally get the chance to see them in action is just awesome. What’s great is that you can as well. Here are some further details including how to get tickets:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Free and open to the public

7:00PM to 8:30PM
Featuring selected performers straight from the pages of Holy Headshot!
Open to the public
Tickets are $10 online, $13 day of the show at the box office

353 West 14th Street (and 9th Avenue)
New York, NY 10014
(212) 524-2500 (box office)