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If you’re a fan of our videos then you’ll love these photos that were taken during various video shoots we conducted at Doug’s photography studio.

New Holy Headshot! Video: Melisa Breiner-Sanders

Hey everyone. We’re just a week away from the big book release, which takes place on October 23rd at Comix (check out this link for more details:

Also, I just posted a new video featuring the charming NYC actress Melisa Breiner-Sanders. Enjoy

New video added

Hey Headshotters, I just finished editing the second actor’s video. A few weeks ago I recorded a handful of the actors from the book, talking about what it means for them to be an actor. I know that sounds vague but the footage is anything but vague. Enjoy Ray Normandeau (make sure you watch it in “high quality” which is a link right below the video):

And here’s a link to the first video, which was posted a week ago to our website. Yenz Von Tillborg is one of our favorite’s from the book. I’d say his look is part vampire, part hairstylist which is exactly what Yenz is! See for yourself:

Both these videos are on our awesome new website,